All you need to know about MPI injectors on 2.0TSI MQB

Hi all!

With this post will let you know some of the beneficts of this double injection setup available in the TSI MQB platforms.

As you already maybe know, since aprox 2013 VAG-Group MQB platform cars have a double fueling system. It combine Direct injection (DI) with Multi Port injection (MPI) so these cars use 4x Port injectors for idling and low end torque combustion modes and let the hard work for the 4x Direct injectors at Full throttle or WOT. This procedure helps to have under control the valves carbon deposits among other beneficts.

The problem here is when going to Stage 3 Projects where DI fueling at WOT is maxed out. Then, as in the TFSI engines, the only option would be to upgrade LPFP + HPFP and/or DI injectors being a quite expensive solution.

But, here is where we have an ace up the sleeve and works like follows: When in WOT we can activate the eight injectors (DI plus MPI) to work in a parallel way. This innovation let us to keep OEM HPFP and DI injectors and, just in case, upgrade MPI injectors (980cc or 1300cc) and LPFP which results cheaper that modifying the HPFP system and provide more fueling room for these big turbo setups or E85 fueling configurations (which needs around 30% more fuel flow than gasoline).

As you also can know USA market and MK7.5 models and up has no MPI feature installed but it can also retrofitted to have the double injection benefict!

Just left to say… There are no fuel limits!


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