Pops&Bangs available under AC button

Since now we offer the posibility to enable / disable P&B with AC button.

We have tested this feature in the following ECU´s:

  • VAG Bosch ME7.5
  • VAG Bosch MED9.1
  • VAG Bosch MED17.5 / MED17.5.5 / MED17.5.1 / MED17.5.20 / MED17.5.21 / MED17.5.25
  • VAG Simos12 / Simos 18
  • OPEL Bosch ME7.6.2 / ME7.6.3
  • Honda MED17.9.3

If you are interest in this solution in another ECUs model than these, contact us!

Eculimit team

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